a project from Nelida Mendoza


critic:Ticio Escobar


in collaboration with:


Alessandro Aiello

audio/video editing


Fernando Moure


El Arte del cine y el video de Paraguay


Spanish "Cervantes" Institute  of Palermo

AECID-Spanish Cultural Center "Juan de Salazar"of Asuncion

Centro de Artes Visuales Museo del Barro - Asuncion



The show aims to deconstruct certain problematic terms like identity, diversity, territory and border. I mention the difficulty of these concepts, because despite that they are necessary for the future of contemporary culture, the same need has often become cliches downloaded from critical potential and poetic dimension.


Deconstructing a concept does not mean destroying it, but put it on contingency and anxiety, submit to the sway of language games, I uproot foundation. Therefore, to deconstruct the territory and margin figures, the exhibition Clorinda lots multiculturalists stereotypes, exoticism of borders and the metaphysics of identity and to suggest various third spaces, intermediate; unstable positions, "areas of agreement" crossing sites and paths step in any territory.


The sample was developed around Nelida Mendoza facility that develops the idea of "membranes sudan" timbó clear timber and container / terracotta pots full of water; the surfaces of both elements transpire, exude moisture vapor and mist. The "membranes" white wood act as mobile screens; on these video images are projected.

Filtration refers to the border, not as established place of transit or territorial marking, but as oscillating link between the interior and exterior, expressible relationship in the figure of Deleuzian fold, which involves movement gather either side. Everyone drags other in their advance or retreat. This folding movement and retract a flexible line means, a non-border, which mediates between the two sides without risking unlike each.


From this continuous movement, the first proposal refers to two others. Both point to the points between which passes without borders, Nelida Mendoza's work: the Italian context and Paraguay.




To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The first context is worked by Alessandro Aiello Sicilian collective CANECAPOVOLTO, reinterpreting images of the artist from a line drawn from Europe and their own eyes perspective. Five monitors project based video acceleration movements, detention, closeness and distance, as well as blur and displacement devices. These racking fall, impressionistic manner but from a conceptual reflection on a theme also fluctuating sounds, rumors, reflections and appearances of water, light and color: accelerated in its demonstration landscape, arrested in analyzing causes.


The second corresponds to the curator Fernando Moure, which presents a selection of works by filmmakers / artists. According to the curatorial concept, these productions would not be presented in festival format or sample of national cinema, but as a batch articulated panorama, a landscape perhaps. The filmography includes two historical pieces and an important list of works carried out over the last decade. These mark the emergence of a powerful production that is gaining a privileged place in the field of visual arts of Paraguay, thanks to enthusiastic promoters, among whom is undoubtedly Moure.


As background, the poetic word of Josefina Pla, connoisseur of the interior landscape of Paraguay and its strange complicity with the EU.


Ticio Escobar

Asuncion, July 2013