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SSI/Ireland and Europe International Visual Art Event 1997

Organised in collaboration with a number of European artists collectives the ‘SSI/Ireland and Europe’ offered Irish and European artists the opportunity to work in the context of the city of Dublin in a number of outdoor locations. Moreover the selected Irish artists were all empowered as co-curators of the project, each nominating a European artist of their choice to invite to Dublin to participate in the project. The participating artists were: Pauline Agnew, Nicos Nicolaou, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Aine Nic Giolla Coda, Michael Minnis, Alan Phelan, Fergus Kelly, Max Eastly, Sean Taylor, Nélida Mendoza, Tracey McKenna, Edwin Janssen, Craig Wood, Johannes Schweiger, Kevin Francis Gray, Lorraine Whelan, Aaron Fowler, Jerome Durand, Nusret Pasic, Daniel Jewesbury, Joke Robaard, Liam Gillick. has draped the balcony of the
Dublin Corporation Arts Office on Parnell Square

dublino 35.jpg

Nélida Mendoza has draped the balcony of the Dublin Corporation Arts Office on 
Parnell Square, with curtains of wax, feathers and paper; a local Dublin reference such as those that shade the living spaces in Sicily. A vision and listening analysis between northern and southern Europe. The strident and noisy blind sicilian curtains in comparison with the silent and almost transparent images of those cities windows on the North Sea.

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