It 's always a complex experience mount images and sounds recorded by another person in places where we've never been and probably we will never go; is like entering in 'someone else's house and live there for a while and for some mysterious reason been forced to bring order, 

Assemble all the material recorded by Nelida Mendoza has meant to me not only to restore order and catalog but also  interpret her travels, talk with her at a distance through images and sounds that chose to collect and store for various reasons, to share her meetings, her emotions connected with the border and travel  but also make arbitrarily, selecting and irreversible choises.

Usually we are afraid to go inside the memories of others for fear of betraying them, to rock the precious that there are hidden ... we know that they can not fully understand the images and sounds that we recorded but we believe this is precisely the condition ideal that allows us to get inside these memories and to testify to the priceless value.


Alessandro Aiello_june 2013


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