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"The threshold of a 'lengthy time", a stop moving in everyday life represented by the 'space' between two realities: the intimate privacy propria represented by door closed behind our own house, and the 'suspension' of a different place (the elevator) that leads out towards a reality published. Between the public and private flows silence 'pregnant' encounters. "

.."Relationship between private and public seem continuously nested in a emotional gigantism that becomes the 'public' of indifference and anonymity.

The notes that Nelida Mendoza aims for the work that has been prepared for the Lift Gallery relate exactly to the threshold of a time dilated, a moment of everyday life formed through the gap between two realities: the depths of one's private life represented by the door to our own home that closes behind us, and the suspension of another space: the elevator that leads out toward the public.

Between the public and the private runs the silence pregnant from the meetings."

Gabriela Dalesio - 2007

A Mano 2007

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